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Be more selfish - it's good for you!

This might seem a rather misplaced group to have in a weight loss community.

Yes, I'm actively encouraging you to take time for yourself every day. I want you to find 10 minutes, switch your phone off, close the door, shut off any distractions, keep children out of reach (it's only 10 mins) and concentrate entirely on YOU.

So where is the link between this rather selfish behaviour and weight loss?

Being aware

In this hectic, non-stop, full-on world we call "life", it's difficult to be aware of the things you need to have under control if weight loss and wellbeing is going to happen. It's all very well you agreeing to my demands for you to plan your food, set weekly goals, change this, add that, etc. But if you don't take just a short time to be aware of whether it's actually happening then it probably won't.

Staying on top of stress and anxiety

When we're stressed or anxious we are more likely to make bad decisions around food and exercise. It's also important to manage our mental health for other, obvious reasons and staying on top of our emotions is an important step on this journey too.

Acknowledging the daily wins and fails

You're going to be trying to make small changes to lots of areas of your life in pursuit of that healthy, active lifestyle. This means you're likely to winning and failing at stuff every day. You need to know about both. You need to be giving yourself a mental pat on the back for the stuff you're doing really well and also be aware of the stuff that could have gone better. Note - don't beat yourself up over it, it's going to happen loads, just make a mental note of which challenges are still causing you a problem.

Where, when and how?

How you find that time is kinda your side of things. I'm telling you to make it a priority, now you need to make it happen. You can put this in the same category as exercise. It needs to happen, and you probably feel like you don't have time, but actually it's a case if re-prioritising, bumping it up the ladder a bit and saying "I do have time, I just do treat this with the importance it deserves".

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