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Cracking the cravings

Find me someone who says "I don't get cravings for really bad food". I just don't believe that person exists.

We all get them. They're always at the same time every day, for the same sweet, salty and fatty foods and they always provide that immediate "bliss" followed by that unavoidable feeling of failure, guilt and shame ("why did I just eat that..!?")

If a trainer tells you to just "have some willpower" you have my permission to politely remind them that cravings are natural, complex, deep-rooted, personal and tough to crack. If applicable tell them you're dealing with the menopause and your oestrogen and serotonin fluctuations are causing powerful cravings for sugary foods. This is serious stuff and people need to understand that having cravings (for unhealthy foods) is a serious topic.

However, they are also responsible for a huge amount of needless (dietary-wise) calories coming on board most days which will, over time, be a huge contributor to weight gain.

They are also something completely 'modifiable'. That is, they are within your control to change. Yes, it's tough and like everything else connected with how you live, how you eat, how you think etc, you should take your time to understand why you get cravings, the emotions they're probably linked to and the various tactics at your disposal which can have a dramatic and immediate impact in your battle to take back control (oh my, how dramatic!)

Here's my 30-minute webinar on "Cracking The Cravings". Have a watch - I'm confident you'll find a few bits in there which will apply to you and which you can put to use.

As always, I'm keen for everyone to engage in the community so please comment- let everyone know your cravings, why you think you get them (stress, anyone?), what tactics you're using to improve and whether they're working.

Good luck!

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