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Dan's New Year Warm-ups

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

My New Year Warm-up Webinars are a series of five 10-Min Talks, posted on The Hub between Christmas and New Year. I'll be covering topics which will help you set up for a successful January and keep you from falling into the trap of a short-lived New Year's resolution!


All 10-Min Talks will be posted on The Hub at 7am on the given day.

Tue 27 Dec - Why New Year resolutions fail

We'll look at the common reasons people fail to keep those New Year resolutions going into February and beyond. From high expectations, unsustainable diets, lack of results and motivation that's slipping, January is full of hurdles to challenge the best of us.

Wed 28 Dec - Re-framing and goalsetting for January

Leading on from failure.. let's look at what you're actually trying to achieve this January, set some realistic, attainable goals and try to take a more holistic picture of health, rather than a weight-loss-focussed approach.

Thu 29 Dec - Healthy eating essentials

It will be your biggest win this New Year. Your diet doesn't need to be perfect but it does need to be pretty good, most of the time. Let's look at the common mistakes, easy wins and make sure you don't go signing up for any of those fad diets this January!

Fri 30 Dec - Setting up for self-care

This might seem like a strange one for a January health-kick but you'd be amazed how important self care is for our health and wellbeing. Let's make sure you've got the basic boxes checked before heading into a gloomy, stressful month.

Sat 31 Dec - Plan and prep basics

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. I'll give you some back-to-basic tips to make sure you start building a lifestyle of planning for the week ahead, as well as some simple meal-prep ideas to give you a head start.



As always, all you need is a membership to The Hub.

You already know you should be eating well, moving more and taking care of yourself. The Hub provides the vital missing component - motivation.

A short weekly challenge with plenty more alongside is just what's needed.

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