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Feb 2023 @ The Hub: Focus on wellbeing

Updated: Jan 5

After a month of getting back on top of our healthy eating and exercise it's time time to shift the focus back on to ourselves with a month of self-care.

Week starting 06 Feb - Dan's Digital Detox

We're kicking off the month by unplugging ourselves from our devices, suspending the scrolling and cutting back on the cat videos.

We'll look at your worst habits, how you can cut back and what else you could do with that time that's super-productive and great for your health.

Week starting 13 Feb - Walk for wellbeing

Walking is fantastic for both physical health and mental wellbeing. This week I'll be encouraging you to wrap up, get out, switch off and enjoy a fast walk.

For those with school-aged children many will be on half term this week. This is a great challenge to do while you're away so no excuses!

Week starting 20 Feb - Be a super sleeper

Sleep (volume and quality) has a huge impact on how we choose to eat and how motivated we feel to exercise. We should get 7-9 hours per night but most of us don't.

We'll look at how you can improve your bedtime routine and set a better environment so you become a "super sleeper".

Week starting 27 Feb - Yoga for relaxation

This week we'll be looking at stress and anxiety. Just like being tired, these emotions often cause us to make poor decisions around food and exercise, which then affects various aspects of our health.

One of our Hub Experts, Holly will be setting you some short stress-busting and relaxation Yoga flows to work through.



As always, all you need is a membership to The Hub.

You already know you should be eating well, moving more and taking care of yourself. The Hub provides the vital missing component - motivation.

A short weekly challenge with plenty more alongside is just what's needed.

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