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Cracking The Cravings

Monday 7th November, 8pm-8.30pm

Intro (40 secs)

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Cracking The Cravings

This 30-minute webinar will explore why cravings for salty, fatty or sweet foods is getting in the way of healthy weight loss.

These cravings come on at the same time of day, for the same types of foods and can often leave us with feelings of guilt and failure.

We'll explore the reasons behind cravings and discuss some practical tips for managing them.

The Hub Community

The Hub is an online healthy weight loss community.

It's a place for people to build an active, healthy style to drive sustainable weight loss. Each month has a theme with simple tasks and challenges to complete. There are weekly expert interviews and plenty of opportunities to interact with others facing the same issues and challenges.

You can
explore The Hub and see if it's a place that could be useful for you in your quest for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

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