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The Hub is run by me - Dan Morgan.  I own and run an extremely friendly independent gym and The Hub is my next project.  I've spent 25 years in health and wellbeing helping people build those essential healthy habits and can't wait to help you too.


A different topic of health and wellbeing each month and a short, simple challenge to tackle each week. When life gets in the way and you have to drop things for a week or so it's no big deal.

The challenges are flexible, fun and informal. You can do them on your own or with friends and family for extra motivation. You'll learn how to set goals, enjoy the feeling of success and build healthy habits week after week.


We have groups within the community that share a specific health and wellbeing goal. These are; eating better, finding motivation, healthy weight loss, building fitness looking after yourself.

You'll find people who are striving for the same goals and will be able to ask questions, share advice and find the support and accountability you need to keep moving.

Live check-ins
(video & chat)

There are opportunities to check in each week. This is strongly encouraged as it creates accountability and helps build the community. Check-ins are by video (zoom) and also by chat-room, for convenience and for those who don't fancy going on camera.


We have a brilliant team of expert health, fitness and wellbeing partners who share their knowledge through video interviews and workshops at The Hub. This brings more depth, fresh perspectives and further motivation!

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